Possible Purse Thief Spotted at Green Lake

October 12, 2016 2:35pm

We received this note from Thomas, a reader who had a run-in with a potential purse nabber yesterday. We bring this to your attention for several reasons. First, we hope that this will help someone find their purse and catch who took it. And second, this is a good reminder that when you are at the park please make sure to keep a close eye on your purse – especially at the playground. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of things getting snatched from that area when parents are watching their children. And whether or not that was the case here, it’s always good to keep in mind.

Thomas says he was walking towards the intersection of Latona Avenue NE and Greenlake Drive N when he noticed a brownish object lying on the right hand side of the roadway. At first he thought it might be a paper bag or some other object but as he approached the intersection he saw the man (pictured below) move towards the bag and looked around before grabbing it and walking away.

Here’s Thomas’s story that he also posted on NextDoor:

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At approximately 2:30 PM Tuesday October 11, I observed this individual retrieving a purse that appeared to have fallen on the roadway exiting the Greenlake Community Center parking area as it approaches Greenlake Way. Since he seemed furtive in his actions, I approached him and politely inquired as to whether or not the purse was his or if he knew the owner of the purse. He responded in an extremely hostile manner and insisted that the purse was his. When I asked him to consider turning the purse into the Community Center’s lost and found he replied that I should mind my own fuc#ing business and began calling me names and threatening various acts of physical violence which culminated in a threat to beat me to a pulp and rob me of my possessions. During the course of our rather one sided discussion a young girl passed us and said something to him, whereupon he spewed a few more threats, crossed the street and joined her in boarding the #45 bus at the stop in front of the Greenlake Library. I choose not to attempt to restrain or pursue him, and felt that nothing could be gained by continuing the confrontation on an occupied city bus. His actions, response, and attitude, indicate that it was not his intention to return the purse and its contents to their rightful owner. I hope someone gets their stuff back or is able to cancel any credit cards and change any necessary locks. Sorry I couldn’t do more. Seattle just isn’t what it used to be.

Description of person involved – Hair: Dark Hair cut Short, Top: Blue Nautica Jacket with red stripe, Bottom: Jeans, Shoes: Nike Tennis Shoes, Age: 15-25, Build: Medium to Heavy, Sex: Male

Thanks Thomas for the tip.

If you know anything about this you are urged to contact the police. Keep a watchful eye Greenlakers.