Greenlakers, Let’s Talk

November 10, 2016 1:48pm


Since the election I’ve been at a loss about what to say to friends, family and even right here on the blog.  I try to stay fair, balanced and not show my political stance – you know, like good old fashion journalism. But a friend challenged me on that recently.

Two and a half years ago we created this blog because we wanted to help our neighborhood, our community. We wanted to show all of the inspiring and amazing things that happen right here in Green Lake. We wanted to strengthen our community.

I realized by not talking about this election it is actually incredibly isolating not just for me, but possibly for others too. So while I am still at a loss as to what to say I will say that I’m scared, I’m sad and I’m upset and I know others probably feel the same way.

So, I want to provide a safe place where you can talk about this election, how you feel and what your hopes and fears are. We are all neighbors and we are stronger when we support one another.

Greenlakers, what are you feeling? Let’s talk.