Here’s Our Top Stories of 2016

January 16, 2017 6:37am
via Trover

via Trover

Sheesh what a year (especially when you are sick for the first two weeks of 2017 and can hardly believe it is over!) Green Lake had a lot of news in 2016. From store and restaurant openings to arctic visitors, anticipated changes for the Green Lake Community Center and our city’s homelessness crisis. These are the most read articles of 2016:

1. More Bus Changes in Green Lake |

2. Kids Science Labs Opens in Green Lake This Month|

3. About That Empty Lot on 80th and Aurora… |

4. Green Lake’s Arctic Visitor |

5. Possible Purse Thief Spotted at Green Lake |

6. This Week in Weird Green Lake News |

7. Green Lake Food Walk April 30 |

8. More Answers About the New Proposed Green Lake Community Center |

9. Little Big Burger is Coming to Green Lake |

10. An Open Letter to Mike O’brien From a Greenlaker |

And if you want a trip on the way back machine, check out 2015 and 2014 too.

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