Introducing Weather Wednesdays With Dustin Guy

January 18, 2017 6:06am

Photos by Dustin Guy

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest contributor, Dustin Guy. You will be hearing from Dustin in a new section called Weather Wednesday, where he will share photos of Green Lake and a bit about the weather, something he has nearly 20 years of experience with at National Weather Service.

The name of the first month of the year has its origins from the Roman god Janus, who had two faces looking forward and backward. January in Seattle is shaping up to truely be a month of two faces. The first half of January 2017 was the 5th coldest beginning to January in Seattle of the past 70 years. And nowhere in Seattle was that more evident than Green Lake where ice covered the water from shore to shore. Seattle’s average temperature for the first two weeks of the month was 32.4 degrees. That’s only a tenth of a degree away from making the top 3, but far away from Seattle’s coldest month on record… January 1950. The first two weeks of that year managed an average temperature of just 26 degrees. The second half of this month is likely to be a return to a more typical Seattle winter. Wet, windy at times, and more seasonable temperatures.