Man Injured In Woodland Park Off Leash Area Yesterday In ICU

February 7, 2017 10:10am

The tree that fell on Frostad at the Dog Park on 2/6 via his GoFundMe page.

The man injured yesterday by a fallen tree at the Woodland Park Off Leash Dog Area has been identified by KIRO News as Scott Frostad.  Frostad, a park regular known for his expressive photographs of dogs, was standing with dog walkers Lauri Ann Carrasco and Michelle Larsen when a mature pine tree crashed to the ground. Carrasco and Larsen were able to get away in time, but Frostad was pinned, hit by the full weight of the tree. According to KIRO, he is currently in the ICU and will have to undergo several surgeries. Larsen set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the surgeries.

The fundraising goal for his medical bills is set at $20,000. Within nearly 12 hours the page had raised more than $3,500. The GoFundMe page says his dogs are being cared for while he is in the ICU.

Frostad is an avid photographer and we have used his photos to showcase the Woodland Dog Park in previous posts. The tree that injured Frostad was one of two trees that fell in the park yesterday. The off leash area of the park has been closed since the incident while an arborist investigates the safety of the park.

Please visit the GoFundMe page for more information on how to help Scott.