Want To Be Featured In A Home Remodeling TV Show?

March 16, 2017 10:06am

Calling all pet lovers who love home remodeling shows. A national casting studio called Punch Drunk Pictures based out of Los Angeles is looking for a few Seattleites to feature in a new home remodel show for families with pets. Participants would be featured in the show and receive a consultation with an award winning designer for a home remodel based around their family and pets. Punch Drunk Pictures produces shows for many major networks including Animal Planet, Discover and National Geographic. (No word on which network this show would air on, but it may be one of those.)

The crew from Punch Drunk Pictures will be in town starting mid April and looking to film through July.
The show’s designer (which will remain a secret until the show is revealed) is a Seattle native and strong advocate for the pet community.

Want to apply? Contact Gabriella Pezzelli via email with the following information: family member names, number of pets, type of pets, email and phone number, information about your family, your home and pet and your target remodel budget.