What To Do If You Find Hateful Graffiti

April 17, 2017 8:36pm

Today, a Facebook post on one of the Green Lake neighborhood groups described a woman’s experience when she discovered a stall door at Evans Pool covered with swastikas, the word “nazi” and other offensive terms. The woman who posted the story (and several photos) identified herself as ‘one of the only Jewish families in the neighborhood.’ She said she saw the swastikas while at the pool with her young daughter this past weekend. The heartbreaking story had dozens of neighbors chiming in to offer condolences and words of support for her and her daughter.

We contacted the Parks Department to confirm if the graffiti was taken down. They said that they closed off that area until the painters finish the work- which is being done this week.

Sadly, similar stories popped up in the news today with swastikas spray painted on a few cars in Edmonds and on Capitol Hill recently.

If you see graffiti like this anywhere, please contact Seattle Police through this link or by call 206-684-7587.

Also send this information to the Southern Poverty Law Center who tracks reports of hateful and intimidating incidents through their #reporthate monitoring program.