Man Exposing Himself At Green Lake Park This Morning

May 30, 2017 3:16pm

A Seattle Greenlaker reader just sent us a report and the above photograph of a man who she says was exposing himself in Green Lake Park earlier this morning. While the photograph is taken from a distance she includes a complete description of the man as in his mid-30s, either caucasian/hispanic, baggy green cargo pants, tennis shoes, black zip-up sweatshirt, faded NY Yankees ball cap.

Here’s what happened:

” 6:45AM Tuesday, May 30: A man in green cargo pants, a black zip up hoodie, and a faded NY Yankee hat, was sitting on a bench just north of the Aurora and Green Lake Way intersection who saw me, and noticing no one was behind me, approached me directly while walking directly in my path, with his pants fully unzipped and leaving himself completely exposed as he approached me slowly and then continued to pass by me.

I was dumbfounded and was unable to get a good photo (though I have attached the one I did get here). As I stood motionless, he walked away, heading South, and seeing that I did not keep walking, proceeded to begin running away towards Woodland Park.
Two other morning walkers noticed something was wrong and stopped to talk. We did not get a good look at him and I did not see him again while continuing the loop. I would be so glad to not have this happen to other people. It is jarring and scary.”

The reader reported the incident to the police but encourages anyone who sees someone of this description to call the police immediately.