More Green Lake Business Openings This Spring/Summer

May 4, 2017 7:48am

Bartell Drugs Green Lake store, slated to open later this summer.

There’s a lot happening this spring/summer in Green Lake. We recently wrote about several businesses that are opening and have closed in Green Lake but the list continues.

Bartell Drugs is slated to open late summer near the Green Lake Village PCC.

Parking at Rosita’s is about to get a bit more tricky. This summer the area that is currently their parking lot is going to become a several story building. Update: Thanks to reader James who pointed out that this project has been appealed and the future of the site is uncertain. Here’s more background about the project.  We should point out that a note still is posted on Rosita’s door that says that the parking lot may not be used by patrons in the future.

Just up the hill in Greenwood, a new fitness studio, City Cycle (117 NW 85th St) opened the end of April. There’s also a grand opening party that is open to the public on May 6 that will include three classes (sign up online), a Lorna Jane (athletic apparel) trunk show, giveaways and more. The grand opening on May 6 is from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Unconfirmed rumors: A coffeeshop may be moving into the old Amante/Allegra Pizza space on Green Lake Drive in the space next to Super Jock and Jill. UPDATE: Revolutions Coffee is moving to the 7208 E Green Lake Drive location. According to a recent Facebook post on Revolutions Coffee’s Facebook page: ” I know there’s been rumors around town that we’re closing. Well. Officially. We’re moving!!!! So excited to announce that we’ll be moving just 3 blocks north to the front of the lake by Super Jock n Jill!! We’ll be at our current location while we build out the new space. So come down and say hello so we can see your lovely faces and reminisce about the good times we’ve had and talk about all the great things to come. Thank you all for the ride over these 12 years. We definitely wouldn’t be here without all your love and support and look forward to another decade in the neighborhood.”

  • During the Greenlake food walk the staff at Revolutions said they were moving into the Allegra space away from their currently shuttered spot next to road runner. They have changed their address on their fb page too

    • Thanks for the tip! I’ll update the post. We tried calling to confirm but no one picked up.

  • > Parking at Rosita’s is about to get a bit more tricky. This summer the area that is currently their parking lot is going to become a several story building.

    I’m not sure where this came from, but you should be aware that this project has been appealed, the hearing taking place just last week. See: One of the issues raised was the integrity of the parking analysis done for this project, including a lack of city oversight. These are developer-funded reports, so the city is expected to review them. Just some of the numerous issues raised:

    417 NE 73rd St (the proposed project) and 419 NE 71st St (the location of the Bartell Drugs) were compared to micro-studios near the UW in order to determine their residential parking demand

    15-year old surveys of the U-District units were the basis of the analysis, yet the city never validated yet alone saw the surveys (eg, who did them, the methodologies used, the data collected)

    The residential parking demand estimate for 419 NE 71st St was reduced significantly in the parking analysis done for that project because of its proximity to the Roosevelt Light Rail station, despite the fact the basis of that reduction was not documented and the Roosevelt station won’t be completed until four years after 419.

    And on and on and on.

    Regarding Rosita’s and their parking “about to get more tricky,” applicant’s counsel argued in a motion to dismiss the appeal:

    “Further, the Appellants’ argument that the Property, which is currently used by Rosita’s Restaurant for parking, would result in further loss of on-street parking once the Project is completed ignores the fact that Rosita’s is required to provide parking under a covenant apparently required by the City. Either Rosita’s will secure additional parking or it must cease operations – under either scenario it will not result in additional on-street parking demands”

    Rosita’s, which was not involved in the appeal, disagreed with that claim (so do I).

    So . . . we’ll see.

    • Wow, this is fresh news. Thanks for sharing James. We will keep an eye on this!