‘Spanish Lessons’ Man Leonardo Bustamante Back In Seattle

May 12, 2017 12:51pm

via Reddit

We received word recently that Leonardo Bustamante – our resident “Spanish Lessons” teacher is back in Seattle. Reader Jim emailed us to tell us thatĀ Leonardo, the man who is “Green Lake famous” for walking the lake with a “Spanish Lessons” vest had moved to Ecuador but found it to be too cold so he came back to Seattle. He recently chatted with him at the Locks.

Two days after getting the email from Jim, I spotted Leonardo walking the Green Lake path as well.

A post on EveryBlock confirmed that he planned to move to EcuadorĀ in 2012:

“Letting the Green Lake community know that Leonardo will be leaving soon after the fair weather turns. He is leaving for good, to live out his last years with nephews in Equador. Or, as Leonardo states it, with tongue-and-cheek telenovela drama, “I am going away to die”.
He is matter-of-fact about the effects of aging on his ability to continue his daily walks and Spanish lessons. The cold is too much for him to endure, so he will bask in perennial spring-like temperatures at 8,500 feet. He is genuinely wistful about leaving Green Lake.
I’m sure many of you share my wistfulness in seeing Leonardo begin his final journey. Make sure to thank him and say goodbye if you see him these final few days of summer.”

We are so happy to see him back in Green Lake and are also hoping the weather warms up so we see him more often. So if you see Leonardo out, give him a big ‘hola’ and welcome back to Green Lake.