Here’s How Candidates Feel About The Future Of Green Lake Community Center

June 27, 2017 6:06am

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The local activist group Save Evans Pool and Green Lake Community Center has been busily reaching out to mayoral and city council candidates for their position on the proposed public/private partnership for Evans Pool and Green Lake Community Center. They shared their outreach results with us. Several candidates have not yet responded and the group encourages Greenlakers to email those candidates to find out more. They have created a template on their Facebook page that you can copy and paste or you can reach out with your own words. 

And a BIG thank you to the Save Evans Pool and Green Lake Community Center group (especially Susan, Carl and Elizabeth) for spending a substantial amount of time to research this!

Here’s their findings:

Major Mayoral Candidates Position 

Oppose Public Private Partnership:

1. Jessyn Farrell “I have fought to keep public facilities public while in Olympia and I will continue to do so.”

2. Bob Hasegawa expressed his opposition to public private partnership in a phone call conversation.

3. Mike McGinn strongly opposes public private partnership for Evans Pool and Green Lake CC both in his initial declaration as a mayoral candidate for 2017 and in interviews since then. He also has a track record. As mayor in 2009, he chose to oppose public private partnership for Rainier Beach Pool and Community Center and kept both in the public domain. As a result this new facility is an outstanding example of what public resources can do even in the face of financial challenges.

Support Public Private Partnership:

Ed Murray possible write–in candidate

No Response to our Emails and Phone Calls Requesting Their Position:

1. Jenny Durkan 206-682-7329

2. Cary Moon 206-376-2594

3. Nikkita Oliver  253-237-2249

Major Candidates for Seattle City Council

Position 8 At-Large

Oppose Public Private Partnership:

1. Jon Grant “Thank you for contacting me about this important issue. I wholeheartedly agree with you that we should not privatize public facilities, especially when doing so diminishes access for those in our community with the least means. As City Council candidate, I support keeping our pools and community centers under public control and management, using public funds.”

2. Sara Nelson “Thank you for reaching out. The issue that you raise is one that is very important, is a centerpiece of my campaign, and a key part of what I want to accomplish on city council. It is unbelievable to me that the city isn’t meeting goals of providing basic services, which is a core responsibility. This includes not only services like keeping our parks and community centers public, but other important things like making sure we have enough firefighters to respond to emergencies that keep pace with our growing population, and so much more. In regards to Green Lake Community Center, I do not believe the city should be entering in to a public/private agreement. I believe that the City Council needs to prioritize the funding of our community centers and shared public spaces. Thank you for your advocacy on this important issue.”

No Response to Our Emails and Phone Calls Requesting Their Position:

Theresa Mosqueda 206-550-6556

Position 9 At-Large

No Response to Our Emails and Phone Calls Requesting Their Position:

Pat Murakami 206-356-4224

Voted for Public Private Partnership:

Lorena Gonzalez 206-395-5033