Trees of Kindness Cheers Up Green Lake

June 26, 2017 5:56am

Photos by Rebekah Dickey

Green Lake was part of a “happiness sprinkling” recently. You may have noticed last week signs hung from trees along on the path leading to the lake near the wading pool. The notes were part of Ms. Outhouse’s 4th and 5th grade class at Daniel Bagley Elementary.

“It is a tree to spread kindness,” said Nathaniel Dickey, who is in Ms. O’s 4th/5th class at Daniel Bagley Elementary. “We hang up signs to spread kindness to people who are sad or lonely — or who just want to take a sign because they might want to give it to somebody else.”

The class, also known as Team Epic (a name they decided upon earlier in the year), did random acts of kindness throughout the school year also known as “happiness sprinkling.” The cards were gone by the end of the day proving everyone can use a little happiness to take home with them now and again.

Thanks Team Epic!

Photos by Rebekah Dickey