“Your Voice, Your Choice” Voting Now For Safety Improvements In and Around Green Lake

June 15, 2017 3:53pm

A reader emailed us about a program called “Your Voice, Your Choice” which provides an opportunity for residents to vote online in favor of proposed safety improvements in our City Council District. In District 6 (Green Lake’s district) there are three projects that directly affect Green Lake.

The first is a project to improve safety of the crosswalk on 80th and Corliss N by adding a curb bulb on the north side of 80th. The  project would make pedestrians more visible and is expected to calm traffic by narrowing the westbound lane. To see more about this, head over to KOMO, who recently covered this story.

The second is on the south side of the lake near Woodland Park at N 50th St and Dayton Ave N. The project would add flashing beacons and curb ramps to make crossing safer near schools and Woodland Park.

The third project would add signage on N 50th St at Whitman Ave N to make crossing safer on an intersection with low visibility near Woodland Park.

Voting takes just a few minutes but could help improve safety in our area, so please make sure to vote before June 30. Here’s the link for our district.