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Green Lake’s Duck Island Illegal Skate Park

July 20, 2017 2:01pm

Photo via King 5

By now you have probably heard that Green Lake’s Duck Island has an illegal skate park. And if not, here’s the CliffsNotes version: a group of individuals built a skate “bowl” in secret as part of the Nike’s SB Project 58. The Nike endorsed site has since been taken down, but according to The Seattle Times, the project “encouraged skateboard shops to either extend an existing skatepark or build their own and upload the video so fans could vote on winners.” The video showed the group mixing concrete on the island to make the “bowl” of the skate structure.

Needless to say the city and Seattle Parks Department are not happy. The island was designated as a nature reserve in the mid 1950s and humans are not allowed to step foot on the island.

We’ve reached out to the Parks Department to find out more about what kind of damage the structure caused and what their next steps are for restoring the island. When we get a response we will update this post.

According to an article in this morning’s Seattle Times, disassembling the structure could involve a floating dock.

While many have expressed interest in seeing the skate structure, the Seattle Police are getting involved and humans are still warned to stay off the island.

  • This is just wrong. Who gives them the right to deface this island?

    • Sometimes you gotta fight for your right to party.

    • Idiots. There’s a ton of skateparks in King county

    • Not at greenlake. We have lots of tents, and bum garbage though. But, presumably, these teenagers’ parents can pay the city a fine. (Gotta pay for the Heli ride somehow) Where the city campers cannot possibly be expected to pay a camping fee to “rent” duck island. Just ask the ACLU

    • There’s a skatepark for dirtboards at the south end of park/woodland park , fwiw.

  • Rebekah–this must’ve been the deal

  • John Houle
    Ric Patterson
    So glad you guys would have NEVER done anything this foolish

  • That’s not an island. It’s an illegal homeless/drug encampment.
    I’d rather see a skate park.
    But I’m sure some Seattle CM (or maybe the mayor) got a sweet ride on a chopper to check it out. Tax dollars at work 💸💸💸

  • It’s an artificial island to begin with, by the way.

  • How about a illegal dock jump ??