Openings In Green Lake

August 21, 2017 6:17am

via Next Level Burgers

Next Level Burger Coming To Roosevelt 

The first plant based burger place is making its home a few blocks from Green Lake in Roosevelt. Next Level Burger is opening its first Seattle store at Roosevelt Square Whole Foods on August 25. Menu items include meatless hot dogs and burgers featuring patties made out of a variety of vegan ingredients such as umami mushroom, bean and quinoa. Milkshares are dairy free and sides include salad, kale and fries. The Oregon-based chain opened in 2014 but this will be its first Seattle store.

Next Level Burger
Roosevelt Square Whole Foods
1026 NE 64th St

What’s going on in the former Purple Store Location?  

Two years ago we reported that the building that housed the Purple Store may soon be a 4 story apartment building. But according to city permits that is no longer happening. While the Purple Store has moved on. New permits show that a church will be going into that site and using what looks like the same structure. More on that here.