Pickleball in Green Lake? Perhaps.

August 8, 2017 6:34am

Photo of Pickleball via

This just in. Green Lake is part of a pickleball pilot project (say that fast, we dare you!). For those wondering what pickle ball is, the short version is that it is a mix between tennis, badminton and ping pong. The sport is played on a court with paddles that are smaller than tennis rackets and with balls that look, to my untrained eye, like a larger version of a wiffle ball. Here’s the official US Pickleball Association website for more.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation is considering¬†lining multiple tennis courts for pickleball across the city. Don’t fret tennis players, the courts will still be used for tennis. The plan is for the courts to be lined for pickleball but the tennis nets will remain the same.

The following are potential courts recommended for pickleball:

  • South Park Community Center in south-west district
  • Georgetown Playfield in south-central district
  • Delridge Community Center in south-west district
  • Discovery Park Court in central-west district
  • Miller Community Center in central-east district
  • Soundview Playfield in north-west district
  • Green Lake Park in central-north district

According to SPR “the sites were chosen based on demand for pickleball and accessibility, current court use, existing court conditions, and equitable distribution.”

Want to weigh in? Seattle Parks and Recreation will be gathering comments on the pickleball pilot project through Sept. 5, 2017. For questions or to comment on this pilot project please email

In case this post has struck a sudden urge to play pickleball, you can also check out these courts: Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, Kinnear Park and Observatory Courts.