The Park

Meet PJ: The Bunny Who Walks Green Lake On A Leash

October 25, 2017 6:48am

Years ago I heard stories of a rabbit that walked Green Lake on a leash. You better believe I have been hoping to run into this adorable creature ever since.

Recently, a friend – former Greenlaker contributor Chelsea who despite moving out of state still keeps a tab on Green Lake – sent me a photo of the bunny at Green Lake.

So here’s the story: PJ is a Lion head/Rex mix who has been walking Green Lake since he was a young bunny. The 4-year-old explores Gas Works Park, Golden Gardens and all over the NW by leash. After a recent move away from and back to the area, he spends his days befriending squirrels and going with his owner to work in a veterinary practice.

Want to follow him on Instagram (because of course he has his own Instagram account), check him out at @pj_bunnylove.

Special thanks to owner Deana for the info and the photos.