Notes From The Recent Seattle Police North Precinct Meeting

November 30, 2017 6:09am

If you missed the North Precinct Meeting with the Seattle Police on November 8, you are in luck… a Greenlaker sent us his notes to share with the community. The meeting focused on safety and reporting incidents to police.
Here’s his notes:

Seattle PD is a data driven entity. If we expect attention to crime issues in our neighborhood, we need to report even small incidents such as car prowls, even if nothing is taken. Data determines what activities are allocated police resources.

Call 911 even when you are not sure if your call is critical. The 911 operators will transfer you to other resources if your call is not critical, so do not hesitate if you feel you need to make a report.

Always answer your door (so it’s obvious someone is home) but never open your door without identifying who is there.

Make sure your door’s deadbolt is secured by long screws, not the short, one-inch-long screws often used. Short screws make it easy for someone to kick open a door. It’s easy to back out screws to see how long they are; and replace with long screws if needed.

Always lock all windows when you are away. Often it is the unsecured or unlocked second-story window that is accessed by intruders, often employing a neighbor’s or your own easily available ladder.

Make sure your house number is visible from the street, especially at night. First responders need to easily identify your home when you need help.

Update your Smart 911 account. It allows you to enter details (identifying and medical) about yourself and family members that can be critical during emergencies. Here is a link to a press release about this service: Go to to sign up or update your info.