Friends of Green Lake Looking For New Officers: Meeting 1/23

January 23, 2018 8:54pm

Whether or not you’ve heard of Friends of Green Lake (AKA FOGL), you should know that they are a group that has a big impact on Green Lake. From water quality to impacts on the water levels and recreation, the volunteer group acts as a watchful keeper of our precious lake.

January 23 FOGL will host a meeting where it is looking for new officers. Why is this important? Because, as one Green Lake water user recently wrote to us:

“They were instrumental in getting the Parks Department to authorize and get funding for the (hopefully) recurring and timely Alum treatments every ten years or so which keep Greenlake usable by swimmers all summer.

Another emerging issue is the management of water levels. You may have noticed that the water level at the end of the last two summers was quite low, impacting the use of the upper diving boards for example. Water levels are managed by a weir that can be adjusted, but are also impacted by development, especially by deep garages for new multistory construction around the lake. More study will be needed to figure out how to maintain the water levels at the full levels as construction continues all around the lake.

Especially if you are a fellow swimmer or paddleboarder or other Greenlake user who is likely to get wet at times you will likely care about these issues.”

If you are interested in joining the meeting or pursuing an officer position with FOGL, be sure to attend the meeting tomorrow at 7 pm in the Board Room at the Hearthstone, 6720 E. Green Lake Way North.

For more information, go to the FOGL website.

Special thanks to Bernhard for your call to action about this important meeting.