Daniel Bagley Elementary School Construction Update And Input Needed

February 27, 2018 7:59am

One of Green Lake’s schools, Daniel Bagley Elementary School, is slated for large scale renovations beginning next year. The updates are centered around anticipated increase in enrollment and the aging building. (For more background, check out the link to the timeline of the project.) A recent meeting addressed design and construction updates but also announced a public comment period that is now open until March 5. (See note below for how to comment.)

Greenlaker Michael Pace attended the meeting and shared his notes with us:

I attended last week’s public meeting which addressed the data assembled into the draft SEPA (state environmental policy act) checklist for the Bagley project, a link. 

The meeting was very sparsely attended. There were more district + construction team attendees (~9) than public members (5). A traffic consultant from Hefron Transportation, Inc. mentioned they are giving the data they studied to the Depts of Transportation (city and state, I believe), an upshot of which might be that northbound/southbound cars on Stone may be restricted to right turns only, either during school hours or perhaps permanently.

I asked when/if such a decision would be made about the intersection, and he said DOT would probably not make a determination until close to the re-opening of the school, which is slated for September 2020. For reference, the architects are moving toward completion of the design over the next several months, and the project will go out for bids this Fall. Some elements of construction will begin in Spring 2019, with the main project commencing in June 2019.

One item of interest was that the design team, including the traffic consultant, was unaware of the pending move into the buildings on the SE corner of 77th and Aurora of the Mosaic Church, along with its potential 400 church members (and cars).

The project will eliminate all the portables, add a South wing to the school, a new gymnasium, and bring the school’s mechanical, electrical and other systems up to date. Bagley currently has 426 students. The design targets an enrollment of 500 students, with an eye to a possible expansion to 600.

I asked a construction manager how the project was coming along (e.g., is it on schedule, etc.), and he told me that they are struggling a bit with the project budget. He noted, though, that there are contingency funds in the project’s budget, and also that there is a grant that might be able to be tapped. He couldn’t, though, tell me any info about the grant (amount of possible funding, etc.) – just that it existed.

The public comment period runs from 2/12/18 to 3/5/18. If you wish to comment, you can send emails to the following address:

You can also submit comments in writing to:

Pegi McEvoy
SEPA Responsible Official
Seattle Public Schools
PO Box 34165
MS 22-183
Seattle, WA 98124-1165