More February Green Lake Restaurant News

February 26, 2018 5:55am

Lots of movement in Green Lake restaurants recently. From closures to openings and rebrandings there has been a flurry of restaurant activity lately. Read all about it here.

But wait, there’s more. And it’s sad news for Green Lake.  Today was Jodee’s Desserts last day. The bakery known for making vegan, gluten free and even some sugar free desserts closed its doors after 7 years in Green Lake. But there may be a future for Jodee’s Desserts as she eludes to from their recent Facebook page to “stay tuned to our website and Facebook for updates on what we will be doing with our desserts in the future.”

Meanwhile, we keep waiting for news on the opening of the new Lunchbox Laboratory, the restaurant moving into the former Green Lake Bar and Grill. According to the Seattle P.I., the opening could be as soon as March 12.

And no word on the opening of the Little Big Burger, which has threatened to open for the past year in Green Lake Village. The future space sits empty and undeveloped, although recently reps told Seattle Eater that they would be opening soon in that space.