Local CPR Classes For Adults And Children

March 13, 2018 6:51am

via Red Cross

It has been years since I have taken a CPR class and while I brushed up on several videos on Youtube before our first child was born I decided to sign up for a class before our second child is born this spring. Finding a class that worked for our family was harder than I thought. However, thanks to a wonderful neighborhood Facebook group, I found the right class. Knowing I must not be alone in this quest for CPR readiness, I collected a list of the hyper local classes offered — many of them walking distance or a short drive from Green Lake – to share with all of you.

We attended the infant and child class CPR class hosted at Phinney Neighborhood Association which focuses on injury prevention and safety and is meant for new parents or as a brush up on the basics. Taught by Ken Norris, a 27-year veteran of the Seattle Fire Department, who has taught CPR for 16 years. Ken is pretty hilarious and does a good job of walking through the techniques as well as strategies for brushing up on CPR so you don’t forget it right after leaving.
Price: $15-25 (member – non member price)
Frequently offered on Friday nights throughout the month from 7-8:30.

PNA hosts several classes for adults and infants and children.
The adult class is a CPR, first aid and HIV certification course runs about 4 hours and is often on the weekends.
Price: $35-45 (member – non member price)

Seattle Children’s Hospital offers a variety of classes including: 

CPR and First aid for babysitters: $75

Babysafe: Designed for caretakers and parents, $67

Heartsaver: Child and adult CPR and AED: $75

CPR Seattle hosts a variety of classes focusing on both CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator). In addition to providing classes for adults or children CPR, they also offer a family class where you can bring your kids (under 10 years of age) which may be the help you need to avoid having to book a sitter. And, if you aren’t finding a class that works for you timing wise, you can form your own group and take a private class. (Just email or call them for times and dates that their staff are available.)
Located near Green Lake on 45th 206-504-3280

Green Lake Community Center hosts CPR classes occasionally for all ages.
For more information on pricing and availability call the Community Center: (206) 684-0780.

The American Red Cross provides half a dozen types of classes from first aid, CPR, AED, babysitting certification, swimming and water safety and more. Prices and locations range throughout the Seattle and Greater Seattle area.