Summer Shave Ice Stand Open In Green Lake

July 16, 2018 6:26am

During this heat wave you may want to know that a new shave ice stand has opened in Green Lake. Hei Hei Shave Ice, is a family-run stand and a summer venture operated primarily by two brothers – Parker and Rowan Rathbun. The stand is located between Spud Fish and Chips and Peet’s Coffee on Green Lake Way.

Flavors include coconut, mango, root beer float, orangesicle, P.O.G. (Pineapple, orange guava), grape, blue raspberry and more.

But this is not just ice and flavoring. The shave ice sounds pretty deluxe – coconut, for example, consists of a a coconut syrup, coconut cream and float with toasted coconut.

Hours: (Around) 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. most weekends and, as their mother reports, “some weekdays usually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Price: $3-$5 depending on flavors and size. And they accept credit cards.

You can also follow the stand on Facebook and Instagram @heiheishaveice.