Project Update: Green Lake and Wallingford Paving & Multi-Modal Improvements

November 13, 2018 6:36am

This just in from SDOT:

Bike improvements on Green Lake Way N
As a part of our improvements on E Green Lake Way N we’re adding a 2-way protected bike lane along the eastern side of the lake. Our original design included a new signal on Green Lake Way N at N 52nd St in order to provide a transition from the 2-way bike lane to new 1-way protected bike lanes continuing south of 52nd. We heard community concerns that the new signal would cause back-ups for people who drive and be inconvenient for people who bike.
In response, we’ve partnered with Seattle Parks and Recreation to explore transforming the planting strip bordering the Lower Woodland Parks Playfield parking lot into a 1-way protected bike lane. Under this design, people biking would transition from the 2-way to the 1-way bike lanes at the intersection of W Green Lake Way N and E Green Lake Way N, where a new signal is already planned. This solution will do away with the need for a new signal at 52nd, provide a smoother transition for people biking, allow the new protected bike lanes on Green Lake Way N to extend to N 50th St, and reduce the number of on-street parking spaces removed in the area. We’re still working on the agreement with Parks and the design for the area. We’ll share more with you in the coming months.

Next steps for Green Lake and Wallingford improvements
We’ve heard feedback from many of you and have incorporated numerous other changes to the design based on your good ideas. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more information about what we’ve heard and what we’ve changed in the design. Thank you for your continued involvement.

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