Fremont Troll’s Knoll Community Garden Event This Sunday

March 29, 2019 10:19am

Although not in Green Lake, an event to help beautify one of Seattle’s quirky landmarks could use our help!

Here’s more from the group organizing this Sunday’s event:

“Hello Neighbors, As you’ve seen and heard, the massive encampments around the Aurora Bridge have been swept of tents and campers. While this was not something we were involved in directly, we are acting quickly to turn that space into a safe, beautiful, public park which the city said they would take over maintenance if we were able to, as a community, turn it into an ADA-compliant space. Yay!! We bought six large raised garden beds and will be installing them on Sunday morning at 10am. We will also be continuing to clean up the small garbage that’s left in the area as there are still a lot of orange caps (and some sharps) along the east facing hillside.”

What to bring: Work Gloves, thick boots, shovels, rakes, waterbottle, sunblock and smiles. You can also donate to our efforts by going to the link below. Make sure you indicate you are donating the Troll’s Knoll Park Project.

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