Seattle Public Theater Robbed, Needs Support

March 6, 2019 8:00pm

We just received sad news from Seattle Public Theatre:

“On Monday, March 4th, Seattle Public Theater was robbed – the thieves thwarted locked doors and an active alarm system. They stole two digital projectors and over $1,500 worth of tools and set-building supplies. Those supplies were actively being used to create the set of the play DRY LAND, which opens on March 22.

Please help us replace the stolen supplies so that we can tell this topical and important story – time is of the essence. Insurance will likely cover the costs of the stolen materials, but the process of getting those funds will take several weeks – DRY LAND needs a set, and it needs to be built right now. As a small non-profit organization, Seattle Public Theater doesn’t have the cash reserves to cover these sudden purchases. Your donations will help get us through these vital few weeks and get this production up and running, and will help us improve our theater’s security so that this doesn’t happen again.
Thank you for your support.” 

I’d you’d like to contribute here’s the link.