Seattle Greenlaker’s Summer Reading List

June 3, 2019 1:50pm
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Remember when you were a kid and the summer reading programs always came with a reward? Read a library book a week and get a free book. Or, my favorite, read 10 books and at the end of the summer your teacher will drive you and a few of your fourth grade sidekicks (yes, in their personal car!) to Pizza Hut and you can eat all the pizza and drink all the pop that you want. Kid, you earned it! (Weren’t the 90s great!?)
Why do those book awards go away when you become an adult? I’d like to argue that they don’t. On nights that I read before bed, I sleep better, longer and wake up more refreshed. It’s no deep dish pizza, but it is even more rewarding to my 30-something body.
I recently read this story about binge reading in the The New York Times that really stuck with me. Why don’t I devour books like I would a new Netflix series? I think part of the reason is people don’t tend to talk about books like they do the shows they are watching. “Did you see Game of Thrones last night?” So I’ve decided to refresh my summer reading list and I thought you, fellow Greenlakers, might like to be part of it. Over the coming weeks I will be posting about books recommended by local experts – from authors to bookstore owners and our lovely librarians right here in Green Lake. And if you have a recommendation, please share it here.