Watchful Warning At The Wading Pool

July 3, 2019 10:16am

With wading pool season back in full swing I think it’s a good time to remind visitors to keep a watchful eye on kiddos while they are in the pool. Although shallow it is still a drowning risk. This past week I witnessed a pretty frightening situation with a kiddo that was not being supervised by their family and had to pull the little one out of the water. Even more frightening to me was that other people saw the kid and didn’t jump in to help. Perhaps they thought he was playing? But anytime a small child is in the pool and appears to be having an issue please respond. If it was my kid I would want you to. No question.

While there is an attendant on staff at the wading pool they are there for cleaning and making sure the rules of the wading pool are being followed. So at the risk of being a buzz kill, put down your phone and watch those little ones and have fun out there.