Green Lake Diving Boards

September 9, 2019 11:43am
Photo via Elliot Stoller, Flickr

We received a question from reader Elliot about why the diving boards were removed early before the swimming areas closed for the season. The reader had noticed that people were still jumping off the diving board structures without the boards.

According to Rachel Shulkin, a Spokesperson for the Seattle Parks Department, “The boards may come down during the last couple days of the season based on weather and estimated bather load as it is labor intensive (requires several site staff) to remove them.  Ropes are also removed and dried for winter storage over the last couple days of operation. The logistics of this planning leads to them coming out a day or so early as we pack up for the season.
East Green Lake staff transport equipment to West Green Lake for storage for winter, so this site has a bit more involved in packing up for the season.”

Mystery solved. And if you would like to see Elliot’s other photos of the divers, you can view their flickr site here.