Green Lake Restaurant News

September 18, 2019 2:29pm
Eight Row opened in Green Lake in August.

Some restaurant openings and, sadly, a closure to share with you.

First for the sad news. After 10 years in business Turnpike Pizza, (6900 East Green Lake Way) has closed. It served its last pizza on August 31. No word on future tenants.

Around that same time two new restaurants opened in Green Lake.

Eight Row (7102 Woodlawn Ave NE) opened August 20, taking over the former Lucia Kitchen and Bar location in Green Lake Village.

According to the restaurant’s press release, Eight Row’s name is a hat tip to the chef’s family cherry orchard near Wenatchee, WA where the chef, David Nichols, grew up.

“Row number is the standard unit of cherry size, with eight rows being exceptionally large and rare,” according to the press release. “The menu follows the various tree fruit seasons of Central Washington, and draws inspiration from the confluence of cultures represented there, as well as nostalgia and family traditions from Nichols’s childhood; he describes the cuisine as Pan American. The space seats 70 plus a bar area for 40, and patio seating for 30.”

Eight Row will offer weekend brunch service from 10 -2 pm with items such as porchetta, hominy, fried egg + salsa verde; crispy sweetbreads and waffles + spiced honey; and Dungeness and avocado salad with béarnaise. Check out the full menu offerings here.

The restaurant will be open daily from 4-10pm, with a happy hour offering at the 40-seat bar area from 4-6pm. 

Directly across the street Da Long Yi Hot Pot has opened at 7119 Woodlawn Ave in the former Ming China Bistro space. Hot pot fans are rejoicing because not only does this fill a hole in our otherwise hot pot void here in Green Lake, but it is also a popular chain that has more than 200 locations across the globe.

The menu includes a variety of options for hot pot starting with three broth bases and including add-ons such as veggies, meat and spices. The Chengdu flavor section of the menu caught our eye with options such as pork brain, duck blood and more. Reservations or takeout orders are now available via their website.