Comments Needed For Proposed 41 Unit Apartment Building

October 21, 2019 11:02am

Development is going up all around Green Lake, but one caught our eye recently for several reasons. It is a proposed 41 unit apartment building to go into the former Green Lake Vape location on Keen Way and Aurora Ave. The five-story apartment building would house 39 units and 2 live-work units and have 15 parking spots. Some of the units could be roughly 300 square feet. It is unclear where the main traffic exit would be. Would it bring traffic to and from the neighboring alleys where dozens of children are playing? It currently looks that way.

Comments can be made from now until October 30th regarding site planning and design issues that you think should be addressed for this project. The email address is The project number is 3034392-EG. Zone NC3P-55(M).

Since this is the design review, it always helps to mention Green Lake Design guidelines too.