Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2019 7:17am

Canadian Goose in flight during a winter sunset from the Green Lake boathouse dock – Winter 2013. Photo by Dustin Guy

This post is our 2,002 post since launching Seattle Greenlaker, back on May 11, 2014. These 5+ years have celebrated some of the amazing people, place and events that have made Green Lake beautiful. Because it is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to the man on Keen Way who always sweeps the street and walkways clear of all the leaves from all of the neighbors’ trees. To the woman who lives on Stone way, that despite not having children of her own, purchased a sign encouraging people to slow down because kids live here. To the man who sits in the park with a board saying “I desire a conversation” because he wants to connect with his community. To the friendly cashiers at PCC who always make sure my kids have a free fruit. To the roller blading guy who always zips by me with a huge smile. To all of the hardworking businesses that make Green Lake fun to visit. To Leonardo, for his Spanish Lessons.

Happy Thanksgiving Green Lake!