Sharing a new project: The Tree book

November 18, 2019 10:05pm

A few months ago, my 4-year old daughter asked me what happens to a tree when it falls down. For some reason, this seemed like a profound question to me. Because I don’t have anything else going on (not!), I decided that in order to answer her question I needed to create an entire illustrated book for kids about the life of a tree. Within a few weeks I had the project mostly finished in a printed prototype. My daughter gave feedback and suggestions along the way. Recently, I decided to self-publish the book so that other kids could enjoy it. 

Check out The Tree book on Amazon

A few months later during the freak thunderstorm that happened in Seattle, my wife, daughter and I were all watching out the window of our top floor bedroom. Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck a tree outside a block away and my daughter said, “just like the in tree book!”

I thought I would share this project in case you have any 3-6 year old children in your life. I hope they enjoy the book as much as my daughter.