Two Green Lake Gems Make For the Perfect Date Night

November 20, 2019 10:30am
The wine wall at Eight Row
(photos via Eight Row)

Here’s a question – when you go out for a nice dinner, do you stay in Green Lake or go to other parts of the city? When my husband and I go out for dinner, without our kiddos in tow, we often leave Green Lake. I don’t know if it has to do with leaving our neighborhood feels like we are getting out of our day-to-day grind, but we don’t often dine here for our date nights. This weekend we did something different. We stayed in Green Lake.

We started at Eight Row (7102 Woodlawn Ave NE), which opened earlier this summer. I had been there a few months ago, but this was a first time for my husband. The thing I really like about this restaurant is everything about it feels special. That has a lot to do with the brothers who own it and have based so much of the look and menu off of their roots and orchard upbringing. The whole restaurant just feels fresh. The staff are each genuinely excited to talk about each dish and know the menu inside and out almost like they were the ones preparing it. Chef Nichols takes such pride in every detail of the restaurant. From the newly redone interior (which was also nominated for one of Seattle Eater’s best designed restaurants of the year) to the jars of pickled veggies that are sitting on the shelves that he has fermenting for a future menu. This past weekend we noticed he had hung persimmons from the ceiling over much of the restaurant that will soon become hoshigaki, a Japanese-style dried fruit. The Dungeness crab salad was amazing as was every dish we tried. Such a gem of a neighborhood restaurant. Not to say that it is a cheap to eat there. It isn’t, but the care that has been put into every dish makes it a fun destination to return to again and again.

Persimmons hang from the rafters of Eight Row.

After dinner, we headed over to Seattle Public Theater (7312 West Green Lake Dr.) to watch one of the last showings of The Thanksgiving Play. (Don’t fret, the new season of holiday shows just launched.)
This was the first time I had been to this theater and I loved how intimate it was. We grabbed a drink on the way in. While standing in line I enjoyed looking at the different outfits of people who were also attending the show. Lots of rain gear (no surprise, Seattle!) some dresses and nice jackets but nothing over the top fancy.

In a funny, very SPT theater experience, the cookie we purchased from the lobby had to be eaten in the foyer, and was not allowed to be taken to our seat. So we split that chocolate chip cookie, pawed it like two hungry squirrels and headed to our seats. Once we got to our seats my husband said he suddenly had remembered going there when he was a kid. And that is part of the charm of the converted bathhouse theater and the performances – they are timeless. The show was great, smart and thoroughly entertaining. It truly lived up to their mission “to produce compelling and socially relevant theater to spark conversation and ignite empathy.” I can’t wait to go again.

It was the perfect Green Lake night and one that can so easily be replicated year round. How lucky we are to live and play here in Green Lake!