Part Of Green Lake Drive Is Now Closed To Cars

April 25, 2020 7:00am

Part of Green Lake Drive is now closed to motorized vehicles and will be for the duration of the stay at home order or until otherwise notified by Seattle Department of Transportation. The section closed is part of the Stay Healthy Streets program, which includes several miles of streets designed to allow for walking, cycling and non-motorized activity during COVID-19. The Green Lake closure starts at East Green Lake Way N and ends at N 63rd St and West Green Lake Drive. Up the hill from Green Lake, another closure on 1st Ave (one block from Greenwood Ave) starts at 73rd St to 100th.

According to the SDOT website, the locations for Stay Healthy Streets “were selected to amplify outdoor exercise opportunities for areas with limited open space options, low car ownership and routes connecting people to essential services and food take out.”

For more information on these closures and the others around the Seattle area, go to SDOT.