Green Lake Walking Path Continues To Be One Direction

October 6, 2020 10:57am
Photo by Erica Grivas

Please don’t let the reopening of the city’s play areas give you the false sense that we can weaken our efforts to keep our community safe while COVID-19 is still running rampant. The Green Lake walking path continues to be one direction (counter clockwise) to allow people to be a safe distance from one another while enjoying the park. This may surprise you if you’ve been out on the path and seen people walking both directions. The signs that were placed around the lake warning of the one direction have all been removed and not by Parks officials. We’ve noticed them in the lake, and thrown in trash cans throughout the summer. Such a waste because guess who paid for those? All of us!

“(Green Lake Park is) definitely the busiest park in Seattle, and likely one of the busiest in the state, so we need folks to mask up, walk one way to create more passing width, and stay home if sick,” said Rachel Schulkin Seattle Parks and Recreation Communications Manager.

Enjoy the park Greenlakers, but please make sure you do it safely!