Love Layers’ Sandwiches? Coming to Green Lake this Summer

June 10, 2023 10:26am

One of the most awaited restaurant openings this year is happening at 7900 E Green Lake Drive N. Cult favorite sandwich truck Layers started construction on its first brick-and-mortar home in May, planning a Wes Anderson-summer camp vibe“, owners told

Image courtesy of Layers

Co-owners and spouses Avery and Ashley Harding, a chef and former food photographer respectively, became known during the pandemic for fun and artistically presented sandwiches like “I’d Date that Jalapeno,” and when the property right across from the wading pool became available, they couldn’t pass it up.

The new restaurant planned to be open in summer from Wednesday -Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The menu is branching out from sandwiches to breakfast,  specialty breads, salads, seasonal vegetables  – and beer and wine, including a bespoke lager from Urban Family Brewing, according to

“No turning back now!!” a post on Layers’ Facebook page proclaims after getting the keys to the new location.

“Ha! We couldn’t, nor do we want to – instead, we intend on being at Green Lake for years and years to come serving as a place our community can visit, feel at home, and be nourished.”

A good day for the food truck Image courtesy of Layers