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Dustin is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Seattle. Originally from Oregon, he moved to Seattle in 1999 after graduating with an Atmospheric Sciences degree from the University of Arizona. Photography became a passion that naturally melded with his interests in earth and space sciences and he never looked back. He's lived in the Green Lake neighborhood with his wife and family since 2011.

Last Sunrise of January

The sunrise was off the charts awesome this morning. Altocumulus clouds (around 12,000 feet in height) rarely disappoint when there’s a gap for the Sun to shine through on the horizon. And the Olympics looked majestic in the early morning light.

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

I had my doubts earlier today, but the clouds cleared just in time for the total lunar eclipse. Here’s a series of shots over about a 90 minute period beginning with the partial phase and ending with totality.

A Calm Green Lake Sunrise

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: “There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.” In the early morning hours, Green Lake can be an oasis of calm when there’s frantic activity and traffic just a block or two away. I loaded up my kids early […]

A Reflective Sunrise

Perhaps I’m feeling philosophical this morning as I’ve been reading about the Stoics lately, but the sunrise this morning struck me as a grand reminder of our place in the universe and the wonderful things that can’t be bought nor taken away from us.

A New Year’s Eve Moon

Here’s a New Year’s Eve Moon rising this morning. It’s something I always marvel at and it’s a lovely diversion from all the less than stellar things happening in our country these days. 

Turbulent Skies Over Green Lake

Though I often capture scenic photos of colorful serene skies, today’s morning sky was all about the drama. With a strong storm system moving into the region today, I captured these images. I’ll dip into my background as a meteorologist to define what makes them unusual. You’ll notice the surface of the lake is glassy. […]

A Crescent Moon

If you were outside early this morning perhaps you saw the crescent Moon? That’s the planet Mercury below it. Interesting to note that our Moon and Mercury are similar in size, but Mercury is over 280 times farther away (more than 56 million miles!).

Moon, Venus and Mercury Above Green Lake

There was a special alignment in the evening sky above Green Lake. Here’s the Sunday evening view of (left to right) the crescent Moon, Venus, and Mercury above Phinney Ridge from the east shore of the lake.  

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