Erica Grivas

Erica has written for a wide variety of publications including the New York Post, Real Simple, Flower Gardens, Chicago Parent, and Connecticut Home and Garden magazines. She holds a certificate in Landscape Design from The New York Botanical Garden. She is a lifestyle writer for Seattle Greenlaker and has lived in Green Lake since 2009.

Here Came the Cavalry: Rare Pictures of Green Lake released

  Look what we found in The New York Public Library’s recently released archive of 180,000 public domain photos: the U.S. Cavalry, in 1899, on the shores of Green Lake.  The Third Cavalry Unit is preparing to embark to Manila to fight in the Philipine-American War, a rebellion lasting  from 1899-1902 which erupted after the […]

Winter Survival Tips for Gardeners

Seattle is a gardener’s paradise – from April through October. The other months all range from drizzle to hail and back again, staged with a gray flannel blanket backdrop.  Snow – if we had any – would offer its own design opportunities, a nice cover of warmth for plant roots, and a color other than […]

At the Dog Park: Teaching Pack-Mind for Humans

You might never notice the Woodland Park Off-Leash Area unless you’re a nearby owner of a restless dog. Then you make a point to find it three days a week – minimum. Dog parks are a tricky fishbowl of energy (both canine and human).  On the best of days, they are the happiest places on […]

Last Chance to Plant Spring Bulbs

What you should be doing in between rain sessions: shopping for and planting spring bulbs for weeks of mood-boosting color March-May. Until the ground freezes, there’s still time to plant daffodils, tulips and other spring-flowering bulbs. And – bonus! – they’re on sale right now, so you can scoop some up for as much as […]

A Genius Kind of Free Library

Little Free Libraries are very cool – they offer a way to de-clutter your bookshelves while sharing the gift of reading and connecting with your neighbors. As we reported, all around Green Lake they are sprouting like mung beans in leaf litter, of every style. But this simply modern one really caught our eye – […]

Another Snail in the Coffin of Your Garden

Dahlias can barely get growing. Hosta leaves are riddled with ragged holes. Dreams of magnificence chomped away while you slept. If you’ve gardened in Green Lake for more than a season, you already know the ravenous slimy, culprits: slugs and snails. Maybe you’re thinking “live and let live,” or “let nature take it’s course.” Meanwhile, […]

O Pioneers! Kids Recreate Oregon Trail Wagon Train

Green Lake and Lower Woodland Park looked oddly like a “Little House on the Prairie episode” on Friday. If you were confused by passing bonnets and tiny covered wagons, there was a simple – yet very cool – explanation. For Daniel Bagley Elementary‘s Oregon Trail unit, three blended grades 3/4/5 Montessori classes took on characters […]

Our Favorite Spring Plant Sales

A neon green haze is spreading over Green Lake’s trees and miniature daisies are colonizing the grass, but that’s not all sprouting this time of year – it’s Plant Sale time!  For gardeners of all levels, it’s a critical moment – where plant nerds and bargain hunters seek new prizes to bolster their garden this […]

Garden Smarter: Combos that Pop Year-Round

If you had acreage and a staff of gardeners, you could have a lilac border, and a cherry tree allee, and a potager to indulge all your seasonal favorites. But let’s face it – most Greenlake gardens have room for a bonsaied version of one of these choices. So given your real estate and time […]

Poop Wars: Zoo Doo Lottery is On!

    It’s time for the semiannual battle over Green Lake’s exotic poop from Woodland Park Zoo. The zoo has been shoveling this super-$!#t for 30 years, and Seattle gardeners can’t wait to get their hands on it. Why?   “Zoo Doo is the most exotic and highly prized compost in the Pacific Northwest. Composed […]

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