Mike Lemmon

Mike is co-creator and creative director of Seattle Greenlaker. He is a Seattle native who enjoys exploring Green Lake on foot and by kayak. Mike brought to life the user experience of Seattle Greenlaker through the site’s design and development.

Green Lake Library Sketch

Sharing a beautiful and precise drawing of the historic Green Lake library building by Seattle artist (and my mom!) Valerie Margulis. Her piece was selected for the Historic Seattle & Georgetown Art Attack show. The Green Lake Library is one of the few remaining Carnegie Libraries that is still serving its original purpose. You can […]

Sharing a new project: The Tree book

A few months ago, my 4-year old daughter asked me what happens to a tree when it falls down. For some reason, this seemed like a profound question to me. Because I don’t have anything else going on (not!), I decided that in order to answer her question I needed to create an entire illustrated […]

Where the Weather Comes From: a Visit to Seattle’s NOAA National Weather Service

The nondescript signs at Magnuson Park. The security gate you accidentally head towards—and have to make a U-turn. The mysterious government buildings in the distance looking like a scene from Stranger Things. Until now these furtive glances had been my impression of NOAA’s National Weather Service Seattle offices at Sand Point. Recently Seattle Greenlaker was invited for a tour of their facility […]

Our top 10 stories of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on what stories were most popular on Seattle Greenlaker this year. We published 250 articles this year! Thank you Seattle Greenlaker contributors! And thanks to our community for making 2015 a great year. Here’s our top 10 articles by page views: #10 Green Lake Could […]

2015 Green Lake Holiday Gift Guide

Our neighborhood inspires us, so it should come as no surprise that the artisans that live and create things about Green Lake do too! Today we hope you celebrate the creativity that is around us and buy from artists that are local. With that in mind …. (tiny drum roll) here’s our picks for the […]

Howloween 2015 – A Corgi Costume Walk

It wouldn’t be Halloween in Green Lake without the corgi costume walk. We braved the wind and rain to bring you the highlights from this year’s corgi walk. Some 200 corgis (and their owners) were in attendance, with a few corgi wannabes costumed as well. Continue reading to see the whole gallery. Happy Halloween!

Shelter Lounge Opens in Green Lake

Green Lake’s much anticipated (and much delayed) Shelter Lounge opened for business today at 5:00pm to a line of customers already waiting outside. The restaurant occupies the site of the former Baskin-Robbins on East Green Lake Drive and Northeast 72nd Street. “The most challenging part of the project was the permitting from the city” said […]

Seattle startup aims to help put your unused stuff to work

Have a ladder that’s collecting dust 364 days per year? Or do you need a special saw for one project and don’t want to drop 100 bucks at Home Depot to have to sell it on Craigslist after? Maybe you should give the sharing economy a try. A new app by Seattle startup MyNeighbor is working to connect people who […]

Save Seattle’s Apples: Learning About Fruit Trees in the City

Ever wonder what happens to the fruit from the numerous fruit trees around the city? According to local organization City Fruit, most of it goes to waste, or owners don’t know how to care for the trees. City Fruit is trying to change this by reclaiming the “urban orchard” all around us through teaching tree owners how to […]

Gigabit Internet is Coming to Green Lake

Who isn’t a fan of Comcast? Unfortunately, Comcast is known as one of America’s most hated companies, and if you live in Green Lake chances are you are stuck with them. Well Greenlakers might finally have a viable alternative to Comcast for super-fast internet service in the neighborhood. According to a recent post by Geekwire, CenturyLink is […]

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