Restaurant Closure in North Green Lake

March 14, 2018 10:09am

Green Lake’s Mio Sushi is closing. A ‘for lease’ sign hangs on the window.

Seattle Greenlaker called Mio to confirm closure and the man that answered the phone said that they were at the end of their lease. Mio’s last day will be March 17th. We will keep a eye on what might be moving in next.

For more restaurant news in Green Lake, go here.


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Local CPR Classes For Adults And Children

March 13, 2018 6:51am

via Red Cross

It has been years since I have taken a CPR class and while I brushed up on several videos on Youtube before our first child was born I decided to sign up for a class before our second child is born this spring. Finding a class that worked for our family was harder than I thought. However, thanks to a wonderful neighborhood Facebook group, I found the right class. Knowing I must not be alone in this quest for CPR readiness, I collected a list of the hyper local classes offered — many of them walking distance or a short drive from Green Lake – to share with all of you.

We attended the infant and child class CPR class hosted at Phinney Neighborhood Association which focuses on injury prevention and safety and is meant for new parents or as a brush up on the basics. Taught by Ken Norris, a 27-year veteran of the Seattle Fire Department, who has taught CPR for 16 years. Ken is pretty hilarious and does a good job of walking through the techniques as well as strategies for brushing up on CPR so you don’t forget it right after leaving.
Price: $15-25 (member – non member price)
Frequently offered on Friday nights throughout the month from 7-8:30.

PNA hosts several classes for adults and infants and children.
The adult class is a CPR, first aid and HIV certification course runs about 4 hours and is often on the weekends.
Price: $35-45 (member – non member price)

Seattle Children’s Hospital offers a variety of classes including: 

CPR and First aid for babysitters: $75

Babysafe: Designed for caretakers and parents, $67

Heartsaver: Child and adult CPR and AED: $75

CPR Seattle hosts a variety of classes focusing on both CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator). In addition to providing classes for adults or children CPR, they also offer a family class where you can bring your kids (under 10 years of age) which may be the help you need to avoid having to book a sitter. And, if you aren’t finding a class that works for you timing wise, you can form your own group and take a private class. (Just email or call them for times and dates that their staff are available.)
Located near Green Lake on 45th 206-504-3280

Green Lake Community Center hosts CPR classes occasionally for all ages.
For more information on pricing and availability call the Community Center: (206) 684-0780.

The American Red Cross provides half a dozen types of classes from first aid, CPR, AED, babysitting certification, swimming and water safety and more. Prices and locations range throughout the Seattle and Greater Seattle area.



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Blank Space Cafe Coming To Green Lake March 31

March 4, 2018 2:47pm

Photos via Blank Space Cafe

Another day, another new restaurant opening in Green Lake. But this time it is something Green Lake has been missing — bubble tea and bubble waffles.

Blank Space Cafe, the self proclaimed “Asian themed dessert cafe” is moving into the former Jodee’s Desserts location at 7214 Woodlawn Ave. NE near Rosita’s.

The restaurant owners, husband and wife team Edison and Peggy Huang, plan to open March 31st.  The duo currently own two other Blank Space locations in downtown Bellevue and Belltown. During a recent email interview they said they have always had a love for Green Lake and jumped at the chance to open a cafe here when the spot became available. (Cute sidenote: the couple first met at Green Lake Park, hence their love of this place.)

The menu for the Green Lake location will be similar to the menus at other locations but they will also have pasta bowls and salad bowls made fresh to order.  And, in case you were wondering what Bubble Waffles are – they are a waffle filled with ice cream and fancifully adorned with other sweets.

Yah, they aren’t fooling around.

For more info, check out Blank Space Cafe’s website or Facebook page.

Opening March 31

Hours: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. 7 days a week (and later closing hours during the summer).



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Daniel Bagley Elementary School Construction Update And Input Needed

February 27, 2018 7:59am

One of Green Lake’s schools, Daniel Bagley Elementary School, is slated for large scale renovations beginning next year. The updates are centered around anticipated increase in enrollment and the aging building. (For more background, check out the link to the timeline of the project.) A recent meeting addressed design and construction updates but also announced a public comment period that is now open until March 5. (See note below for how to comment.)

Greenlaker Michael Pace attended the meeting and shared his notes with us:

I attended last week’s public meeting which addressed the data assembled into the draft SEPA (state environmental policy act) checklist for the Bagley project, a link. 

The meeting was very sparsely attended. There were more district + construction team attendees (~9) than public members (5). A traffic consultant from Hefron Transportation, Inc. mentioned they are giving the data they studied to the Depts of Transportation (city and state, I believe), an upshot of which might be that northbound/southbound cars on Stone may be restricted to right turns only, either during school hours or perhaps permanently.

I asked when/if such a decision would be made about the intersection, and he said DOT would probably not make a determination until close to the re-opening of the school, which is slated for September 2020. For reference, the architects are moving toward completion of the design over the next several months, and the project will go out for bids this Fall. Some elements of construction will begin in Spring 2019, with the main project commencing in June 2019.

One item of interest was that the design team, including the traffic consultant, was unaware of the pending move into the buildings on the SE corner of 77th and Aurora of the Mosaic Church, along with its potential 400 church members (and cars).

The project will eliminate all the portables, add a South wing to the school, a new gymnasium, and bring the school’s mechanical, electrical and other systems up to date. Bagley currently has 426 students. The design targets an enrollment of 500 students, with an eye to a possible expansion to 600.

I asked a construction manager how the project was coming along (e.g., is it on schedule, etc.), and he told me that they are struggling a bit with the project budget. He noted, though, that there are contingency funds in the project’s budget, and also that there is a grant that might be able to be tapped. He couldn’t, though, tell me any info about the grant (amount of possible funding, etc.) – just that it existed.

The public comment period runs from 2/12/18 to 3/5/18. If you wish to comment, you can send emails to the following address:

You can also submit comments in writing to:

Pegi McEvoy
SEPA Responsible Official
Seattle Public Schools
PO Box 34165
MS 22-183
Seattle, WA 98124-1165




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(Even More) Green Lake Restaurant News

February 27, 2018 5:26am

This is our fourth post about Green Lake restaurant news this month. Thanks to a tip from a reader we learned that Tapas Lab is coming to Green Lake. Slated to go into the former Revolutions Coffee spot at 7012 Woodlawn Ave NE, not a lot is known about the restaurant. Tapas Lab currently has no social media or web presence. So we did some research and found a business phone number that was listed for the business and talked to (someone who we think was) the owner. He said he expects to open in two to three weeks, which would put opening in mid March. The restaurant/tapas bar will have beer, wine and tapas. And that’s that. That’s all we know for now. More as we know it.


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More February Green Lake Restaurant News

February 26, 2018 5:55am

Lots of movement in Green Lake restaurants recently. From closures to openings and rebrandings there has been a flurry of restaurant activity lately. Read all about it here.

But wait, there’s more. And it’s sad news for Green Lake.  Today was Jodee’s Desserts last day. The bakery known for making vegan, gluten free and even some sugar free desserts closed its doors after 7 years in Green Lake. But there may be a future for Jodee’s Desserts as she eludes to from their recent Facebook page to “stay tuned to our website and Facebook for updates on what we will be doing with our desserts in the future.”

Meanwhile, we keep waiting for news on the opening of the new Lunchbox Laboratory, the restaurant moving into the former Green Lake Bar and Grill. According to the Seattle P.I., the opening could be as soon as March 12.

And no word on the opening of the Little Big Burger, which has threatened to open for the past year in Green Lake Village. The future space sits empty and undeveloped, although recently reps told Seattle Eater that they would be opening soon in that space.


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Green Lake Swimming (Pool and Lake) Dates Announced

February 21, 2018 7:21am

Photo courtesy of Seattle Parks and Recreation

Green Lake’s Evans Pool Aquatic Coordinator recently sent us a list of save the date swimming events for Green Lake – both inside in the heated pool and in the lake. So swimmers, save these dates.

NEW Time for the Early Morning Lap Swim
Starting February 20th, the EMLS will be 6-7:30am Mon-Fri
Sauna will promptly close at 7:30am

Registration for …
Spring group classes will begin on March 6th
Spring Personal Lessons will begin on March 10th
Summer Swim League begins April 3rd
Summer group classes will begin on May 22nd

Registration starts at noon. To sign up come to the pool in person, go online or call (206) 684-4961.

The 14th Annual Green Lake Open Water Swim will be June 24th, 2018
More information will be added to the Parkways blog soon.

The swimming beaches and wading pool open dates will be announced later this spring. Stay tuned!


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New High School Boundary Lines Impact Green Lake

February 21, 2018 6:56am

During a January 31 meeting the School Board approved changes to boundary lines for high school students starting in the 2019- 2020 school year.

Take a look at the boundary lines. Notice anything? Green Lake is literally cut in half with some students going to the new Lincoln High School while the others will be sent north to Ingraham International High School.

But the new school assignments aren’t that straightforward. According to the Lincoln Grade Implementation Plan:

In 2019-20, Lincoln High School will serve students in grades 9 and 10 only. New students in grades 11 and 12 will be assigned to their attendance area high school based on the 2017-18 high school boundaries.
In 2020-21, Lincoln High School will serve students in grades 9, 10, and 11 only. New students in grade 12 will be assigned to their attendance area high school based on the 2017-18 high school boundaries.
In 2021-22, Lincoln High School will serve students in all grades.

The new boundary lines mean that some Green Lake families may have two kids in two different high schools, like reader Lori.

Lori writes:

New high school boundaries are being drawn with the opening of Lincoln High School and Greenlake students are paying the price. Families living on the north/northwest side of Greenlake are being forced north to Ingraham High School. I live on N 76th Street and Winona (2 blocks from the lake), less than 2 miles from Roosevelt High School (my son is currently enrolled there). So sad to see my Greenlake community broken apart like this. I appreciate that our schools are filled to capacity but the fact that SPS wouldn’t consider moving our neighborhood to Lincoln High School in Wallingford (less than 2 miles away) is doing our community a huge disservice. My daughter is heartbroken as her brother will be a junior at Roosevelt when she starts her freshman year at a different high school, not anywhere near our home.
We love living in Greenlake and are saddened to see our kids being moved out of their neighborhood.

For more information on these changes go to the Seattle Schools website.


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