New Green Lake Crew Boat House Slated For 2021

November 8, 2019 10:35am

A new community boathouse may find its home in Green Lake as soon as 2021. The design was focused on making Green Lake more accessible to people of any background or ability level. Community volunteers in partnership with Green Lake Rowing Advisory Council, Associated Recreation Council, and Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club have raised a total of $5.8 million from public and private sources towards the $6.5 million goal, including $951,000 awarded by Washington State Recreation and Conservation office on June 27. 

Green Lake Crew needs to raise the remaining funds in order to break ground at the first part of 2020.

According to a press release from Green Lake Crew:

“The current Green Lake Small Craft Center (GLSCC) houses the 70-year-old Green Lake Crew.  Started by storied UW rowing coach Al Ulbrickson in 1948, it is believed to be oldest public junior rowing program in the nation.  In 1963, long before Title IX, the crew added a girl’s program, another first for the region.  In its seven decades, the crew has introduced thousands of Seattle youth to rowing, opening doors to a diverse community, and even launching some to success on the national and international stage.

The 10,600 square-foot facility will increase capacity for programs through a combination of expanded and more efficient boat storage and additional instructional space. It will be fully accessible, which makes possible the launch of Seattle’s first public adaptive rowing program and expansion of a parapaddling program. Specialized programs of Seattle Parks and Recreation will also be able to expand their work with individuals of differing physical and cognitive abilities.

User safety will be improved through restrooms, locker facilities, and areas for off-water instruction and community meeting space. In addition, the new boathouse will better engage with Green Lake Park and the heavily used adjacent walking trail.”

If you would like to donate, go to their site.


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United Way Looking For Volunteer Tax Preparers

November 6, 2019 12:41pm

We received this call for volunteers from United Way to help find tax preparers for families that need help filing returns.

“Every year in Washington State, low- and middle-income families and individuals struggle to pay the bills and keep food on the table. During tax time, it can make an unstable situation even worse. Not only is Washington’s tax system the most regressive in the nation, but predatory tax preparers could charge upwards of $300 for a tax return, and may not tell their clients about certain credits or saving opportunities they might qualify for.

Clare visited one of our United Way tax sites. She was a single mother of two making $30,000 a year. She struggled to pay her housing and grocery expenses. During her time with our Free Tax Campaign volunteers, she received a $3,000 refund at absolutely no cost. This meant that she was able to meet some of her basic needs to support her two children.

In 2019, our amazing volunteers helped 21,975 people by bringing back $30.1 million in tax refunds and credits in the process. For many of our clients, this helps them to cover the cost of basic needs like food and shelter. For this upcoming tax season, we’re hoping to make an even bigger impact in our community. To do this, we need your help. 

We rely on our talented team of volunteers to make this possible. Join us and fight against poverty. We provide free comprehensive training that will boost your skills, and help reach the people who need it most. No prior tax experience needed.”

Two of the closest locations to Green Lake are:

1.       North Seattle College (9600 College Way N, Seattle, WA 98103)

2.       Seattle Public Library, University Branch (5009 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105)

Visit to find out more.


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Reminder To Lock Your Car At Night

November 1, 2019 10:14am

We received a good reminder from a fellow Greenlaker, Zac, who said, “Just wanted to share a warning to the neighborhood that prowlers have been cruising around at night, and to keep car doors locked and not to leave any valuables in them, even if hidden.
Our dumb luck: twice this week our cars were broken into by prowlers. That is, we thought our doors were locked, but apparently not. No windows were smashed (it’s possible they jimmied the doors open, but my hunch is we just neglected to check that they were indeed locked). Both times the contents of our glove boxes and consoles were emptied onto the seat. Luckily nothing of value was taken, as we tend not to keep valuables in the car.”

We have all been there. In fact, this happened to our car this week as well! Life is busy, but a good reminder to keep your doors locked.


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Seattle Public Theater’s Holiday Lineup

October 30, 2019 10:23am
Photo via Theater Mania

I have an embarrassing confession. I have never been to a show at Seattle Public Theater. It is walking distance from my house. I know, I know. I can use my excuse of having two little kiddos, but honestly there really is no excuse. I am fixing that in a few weeks by going to see The Thanksgiving Play. But that is not the only show that I may check out this season. Here’s the full rundown of the shows playing now through the holidays at Green Lake’s own SPT Theater.

The Thanksgiving Play is running now until November 16.
The synopsis of the Thanksgiving Play from SPT: “Ah, Thanksgiving, that most American of holidays: when families gather to celebrate the warmth of home, the bounty of the harvest — and a legacy of genocide and violent colonial expansion. Good intentions collide with absurd assumptions in Larissa FastHorse’s wickedly funny satire, as a troupe of terminally “woke” teaching artists scrambles to create a pageant that somehow manages to celebrate both Turkey Day and Native American Heritage Month.”

Christmas Town: A Noir runs November 29th – December 24th, 2019
The synopsis: “We’ll be bringing back the holiday favorite and now Seattle Tradition of Christmastown. In this film noir-inspired holiday thriller, hard-boiled detective Nick Holiday investigates some un-holiday-like shenanigans taking place in Christmastown that sends him on a search for the truth about Big Red. Add a glamorous elf, a used-Christmas-tree salesman, a muckraking reporter, and a quick-thinking cab driver, and you have what the Seattle Times calls the ‘best new holiday romp of the year!'”

A Very Die Hard Christmas runs November 27 – December 28, 2019
The synopsis: “The comedy team that’s been keeping Green Lake in stitches for years has a new holiday adaption that’s about to blow the roof off Seattle Public Theater! Coming this December, The Habit presents A Very Die Hard Christmas, a new musical that parodies the film and asks: How on earth did this over-the-top action movie become a holiday tradition? Penned by Jeff Schell and The Habit, and directed by Mark Siano (Seattle Vice, Bohemia, Twister Beach), A Very Die Hard Christmas is a quick and dirty Christmas crowdpleaser with original music, a live band, and lots of laughs.”

So go check it out. Tickets for all shows are available now:

Seattle Public Theater 7312 West Green Lake Dr. N


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Green Lake Dragonfly Mural Showcased In International Art Guide

October 29, 2019 1:57pm
Photo via Researchgate

Green Lake’s dragonfly mural is featured in Bloomberg Philanthropies & Bloomberg Associates Asphalt Art Guide, which was released earlier this week. The guide showcases the way that “cities use art and community engagement to improve street safety and revitalize public space.”

The art effort led by Greenlaker Lisa Cach in 2013, is truly a neighborhood labor of love. The volunteer group likes to call themselves Team Dragonfly. The project was made possible thanks to a matching funds program through Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods. Earlier this year it was repainted with the help of the community. Best seen from above, the dragonfly sits at the intersection of 4th Ave. NE and NE 60th St. Lisa reached out to me recently with this news and shared a bit more about the mural. You can tell from the time-lapse video of the painting project that this was a beloved neighborhood effort. According to the video it was created to “both slow traffic, brighten the neighborhood and bring good friends together.”

You can download the link to the guide for free here. In it you will find projects from around the world, including our sweet little corner right here in Green Lake.


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Expect Delays on Aurora Bridge This Week

October 27, 2019 9:02pm

This just in from SDOT:
“The right lane of the southbound State Route 99 Aurora bridge will remain closed around-the-clock this week.
Travelers should plan for delays, especially during the morning and afternoon commutes, if traveling toward downtown Seattle through Fremont and Wallingford.
During an in-depth inspection of the structure, Washington State Department of Transportation bridge inspectors found advanced detoriation of steel on the underside of the Aurora bridge.

While the bridge is still safe to cross, the southbound right lane will remain closed around-the-clock until repairs are developed and implemented. Additional closures may be needed. An update will be provided once a firm timetable has been established.

Plan for delays:Travelers who normally use southbound SR 99 should expect delays in the area and consider alternatives:

-Take the bus.


-Walk or bicycle – the walkways will remain open.

Before heading out the door, travelers can check get real-time traffic information with  the WSDOT mobile app and the WSDOT Traffic Twitter feed.”


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Comments Needed For Proposed 41 Unit Apartment Building

October 21, 2019 11:02am

Development is going up all around Green Lake, but one caught our eye recently for several reasons. It is a proposed 41 unit apartment building to go into the former Green Lake Vape location on Keen Way and Aurora Ave. The five-story apartment building would house 39 units and 2 live-work units and have 15 parking spots. Some of the units could be roughly 300 square feet. It is unclear where the main traffic exit would be. Would it bring traffic to and from the neighboring alleys where dozens of children are playing? It currently looks that way.

Comments can be made from now until October 30th regarding site planning and design issues that you think should be addressed for this project. The email address is The project number is 3034392-EG. Zone NC3P-55(M).

Since this is the design review, it always helps to mention Green Lake Design guidelines too.


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Green Lake, Meet Eight Row

September 26, 2019 8:52pm

Weeks before Eight Row opened its doors I passed the restaurant and saw the culinary team huddled around a table training the staff about each of the dishes they were bringing out of the kitchen. The crew looked more like a bunch of friends than a labor force. You could tell they liked what they were doing. That was when I knew this restaurant was going to be different.
To dine at Eight Row feels like dining at a friend’s house who seriously loves food and can host you in a ridiculously cool dining room. And to the owner Chef David Nichols, that is exactly what it is. Eight Row is one of Green Lake’s newest restaurants. We’ve written about it a bit previously but last week I got a chance to dine with a friend thanks to a gracious invitation from the restaurant who hosted us.

Before we talk about the food, first let’s talk about the name, because it is this restaurant’s guiding light. Row number is the standard unit of measurement for cherries, with eight rows being exceptionally large and rare. Executive Chef and Owner David Nichols grew up on his family’s orchard in Wenatchee. Nichols’ family drives produce from the family farm and their surrounding Central Washington neighbor’s farms once a week.

He created the menu to follow the fruit tree seasons of Central Washington as well as the cultures that are represented there. 

So what kind of cuisine is Eight Row? Chef describes it as Pan American. Nichols talks about how growing up in the farming community of Central Washington everyone that worked on the farm was either from Mexico or Central America. 

“Recent immigrants make our farming way of life possible,” Nichols said. “And the cuisines they brought to our farm played a major part of what our childhood tasted like. And what home still tastes like. Eight Row is not a Latin American restaurant. It is quintessentially American, in our view. We are an entire country of immigrants, and the food influences come from all of the world, just like the people. So by serving the kind of Pan-American dishes on offer at Eight Row, we want people to think about what it means to be American cuisine.”

With that description I was really curious what the menu would look like. For our evening, it started with the daily special which featured the most delicious scallops. On the recommendation of the server we ordered the Dungeness Crab Salad, Fried Eggplant and Kohlrabi salad. First of all, I have never eaten eggplant and liked it in my life, until I tried Eight Row’s eggplant. Chef joked that if you fry anything it will taste great, but don’t be fooled. He knew what he was doing with the cumin creme and the chili de arbol honey drizzled all over that amazing dish. Equally delightful was the kohlrabi. Yes. KOHLRABI. I had always kind of dismissed that cabbage as a tough, unforgiving vegetable but this salad may have been one of my favorites of the evening. We finished off the night with the an apple galette that featured apples from the family orchard that had arrived earlier that week. 

Equally amazing is the restaurant’s bar program. The cocktails include ingredients such as pickled ramps (yup, that’s a form of a spring onion) and many other pickled fruits. Our amazing server joked about it took her a while to make sure she knew all of the ingredients that were featured on the cocktail list. How many restaurants can say that? The wine menu was hand picked by Nichols and his brother, Ian, based on their travels through Italy, France, and Spain. And of course, it also pairs well with the flavorful foods and feature some really hard to find wines from across Europe. 

Owners (and brothers) Ian and David Nichols

In the coming weeks the menu will change again to feature the flavors of early fall in Central Washington. And keeping with his promise to feature seasonal ingredients, be it tree fruit or even hops, Chef is planning a special prix fixe menu designed around a wet hop beer pairing lineup. Look for that special menu to run the first week of October. 

I asked Chef Nichols why Green Lake? We especially liked the idea of serving a neighborhood with the kind of community feel that Green Lake has. I moved to the area from downtown two years ago and I love it here. So the location search was a bit biased from the get go. The people and surrounding business have been great to us so far. We like to rub elbows and make friends. Eight Row is a no-freeze zone.”

I, personally am really glad they are here. Check them out. I bet you will be too.


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Green Lake’s 2019 Luminata

September 23, 2019 2:23pm

Special thanks to Elliot Stoller for sharing his video of this year’s Luminata festivities with us. The annual Autumnal Equinox celebration took place over the weekend as it has every year in Green Lake for the past 20 years.

Happy Fall Greenlakers!


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Green Lake Restaurant News

September 18, 2019 2:29pm
Eight Row opened in Green Lake in August.

Some restaurant openings and, sadly, a closure to share with you.

First for the sad news. After 10 years in business Turnpike Pizza, (6900 East Green Lake Way) has closed. It served its last pizza on August 31. No word on future tenants.

Around that same time two new restaurants opened in Green Lake.

Eight Row (7102 Woodlawn Ave NE) opened August 20, taking over the former Lucia Kitchen and Bar location in Green Lake Village.

According to the restaurant’s press release, Eight Row’s name is a hat tip to the chef’s family cherry orchard near Wenatchee, WA where the chef, David Nichols, grew up.

“Row number is the standard unit of cherry size, with eight rows being exceptionally large and rare,” according to the press release. “The menu follows the various tree fruit seasons of Central Washington, and draws inspiration from the confluence of cultures represented there, as well as nostalgia and family traditions from Nichols’s childhood; he describes the cuisine as Pan American. The space seats 70 plus a bar area for 40, and patio seating for 30.”

Eight Row will offer weekend brunch service from 10 -2 pm with items such as porchetta, hominy, fried egg + salsa verde; crispy sweetbreads and waffles + spiced honey; and Dungeness and avocado salad with béarnaise. Check out the full menu offerings here.

The restaurant will be open daily from 4-10pm, with a happy hour offering at the 40-seat bar area from 4-6pm. 

Directly across the street Da Long Yi Hot Pot has opened at 7119 Woodlawn Ave in the former Ming China Bistro space. Hot pot fans are rejoicing because not only does this fill a hole in our otherwise hot pot void here in Green Lake, but it is also a popular chain that has more than 200 locations across the globe.

The menu includes a variety of options for hot pot starting with three broth bases and including add-ons such as veggies, meat and spices. The Chengdu flavor section of the menu caught our eye with options such as pork brain, duck blood and more. Reservations or takeout orders are now available via their website.


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