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Green Lake Playground Reopens October 6

October 6, 2020 10:41am
Photo via Inspirock

You may have noticed that some of the Green Lake Park parking lots that were closed earlier this summer to prevent overcrowding have reopened. Yesterday Seattle Parks and Recreation also announced that they will be reopening playgrounds throughout the city as well.

According to the release:

“All play areas in Seattle parks will reopen to the public on October 6. Seattle Parks and Recreation staff, with support from our partners at the Washington Department of Health and Seattle King County Public Health, have created some guidelines that can keep us all safe while using these spaces.  

How to use play areas safely: 

-Play equipment is open to five or fewer kids at a time 
– Some play areas have only one piece of play equipment (usually a climber/slide combo), and others have many pieces of equipment (swings, little kids climber, big kids climber, zipline, etc.). No more than five kids on a piece of play equipment.  
– Stay home if you are sick or if anyone in your family is sick.  
– Please wash your child’s hands before and after play.  
– All children over the age of two must wear a mask. See here for mask information and exception because of disability.  
– Give yourself and others at least six feet of space.  
– Please be aware that play areas are not regularly sanitized or cleaned.  

Here are a few tips on how to keep us all safe and keep these spaces open: 
-Keep a close eye on your child to ensure that they are following the guidelines.
-Stay for a short time (30 min. or less) to give everyone an opportunity to play.
-No food or drink on the play equipment to ensure that masks are worn at all times.  
– Visit parks during less busy times. Visit less popular parks. Seattle has over 150 play areas (not including those at schools).  Mornings are less busy than afternoons. Weekdays are less busy than weekends.
– Green Lake, Seward, Magnuson, Discovery, Lincoln, Gas Works, Carkeek and Jefferson Park are some of Seattle’s busier play areas.  
– We are all in this together, so kindly remind others of the guidelines and find a different activity if the play area gets too crowded.  

We cannot allow play areas to be places where COVID-19 is spread, so we need folks to use these spaces safely.

For questions or concerns please email


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Green Lake In The Smoke

September 14, 2020 10:54pm
Photos by Erica Grivas

The smoke is lingering longer than all of us wanted and past when weather officials anticipated. We are now looking at this smoke to clear by Friday, according to The Seattle Times.

Last weekend Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan closed all city parks, beaches, boat ramps and play fields. And seeing the result of ash on the water, it is no wonder why.

Photo by Erica Grivas

Best to stay in and get the most out of those Disney+ and Netflix subscriptions. Be safe out there Greenlakers.

Photo by Erica Grivas

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Green Lake Heron

December 13, 2018 10:36am

Photo by Tammy Marx,

While many birds visit Green Lake seasonally, our Great Blue Herons live here year round. These prehistoric-looking inhabitants add such an interesting element to the landscape of the park.

Special thanks to photographer Tammy Marx for sending us this amazing photo.



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Green Lake Bathhouse Bathroom Renovations Begins

November 9, 2018 10:32am

Photo via Theatremania

Summertime swimmers rejoice! The public restrooms and locker rooms at the Green Lake Bathhouse are being renovated. Contractors will begin this week by installing new doors on the path side of the building that will provide access to the existing facility restrooms.

While the pathway in front of the theater will be “shifted” according to a recent Seattle Parks and Recreation press release, the circulation around the walking path will not be interrupted.

The project will be completed in early 2019.


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Is the Green Lake Wading Pool Open Today?

July 11, 2018 7:27am

via Parent Map

It’s sunny and beautiful and the next minute its fleece weather. That might have you asking “is the wading pool open today?” All of the city wading pools open when the temperature is forecast to be 70 degrees or above. But is it 70′ in Green Lake? Save yourself a trip. You can find out in 2 clicks. Seattle Wading Pools and Spray Parks have a Facebook page to announce opening and closings (due to weather etc) on all outdoor pools.  Or you can call the wading pool hotline, (206) 684-7796, which is updated every morning by 9:30 a.m.


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Injured Heron At Green Lake

May 6, 2018 4:41pm

We just received word from a concerned reader saying she spotted what appeared to be an injured heron at Green Lake earlier this afternoon. According to her, one of the wings looked like it had a hole in it.

Heres what she said:

“On Sunday 5/6, I saw a heron by the “turtle log” that appeared to have an injured wing see above photo.  I wasn’t able to determine how bad the injury was. There are multiple herons at Green Lake, however, they are territorial and usually hang out in the same places. So, someone will most likely see this bird at the same spot.

If anyone sees this bird, please observe if it is able to fly or if the injury has progressed to a point that it cannot manage as it normally would. If necessary, please call Seattle Animal Shelter at 206-386-7387. They will capture the bird and take it to PAWS Wildlife Shelter for treatment. Please do NOT attempt to capture the bird.”

The “stump” in the photo above is near the area where the bird was seen but along the water’s edge.
Thanks to reader Erica for the tip! And we do hope this bird is ok.

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Green Lake Wading Pool Opening Date Announced

April 15, 2018 10:05pm

via Parent Map

As a Green Lake parent, one of the first signs that summer is getting closer is when the Green Lake Wading Pool opening date is announced. Well hold onto your sun hats people, because the Parks Department just announced that date is June 23rd.

The wading pool will be open from 6/23 through 9/3 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information, go to the Sprayparks and Wading Pools website.





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