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Dogs of Green Lake

Meet Daisy

It’s been a while since we have done a Dogs of Green Lake post. But this one, taken during the (dog days of) summer made us smile and wish for the warmer weather. Here, Daisy poses with her family at a photo shoot taken by photographer Sara Montour Lewis.  Thanks for the photo, Sarah! And […]

Meet Mojo

Meet my dog, Mojo, the latest in our series, Dogs of Green Lake. Mojo, nearly four years old, likes challenges – especially ones with squirrel potential. Our family adopted him at eight weeks after his litter was left in a parking lot. He is such a blend of breeds that his DNA test came back […]

Meet Barley

Barley is a 1 year old Beagle/Catahoula mix. We found him scouting squirrels around the lake. His owner says he feels strongly that he should be set free to gather and play with all the bunny rabbits and squirrels in Green Lake and he promises to be gentle with them (probably).

At the Dog Park: Teaching Pack-Mind for Humans

You might never notice the Woodland Park Off-Leash Area unless you’re a nearby owner of a restless dog. Then you make a point to find it three days a week – minimum. Dog parks are a tricky fishbowl of energy (both canine and human).  On the best of days, they are the happiest places on […]

Howloween 2015 – A Corgi Costume Walk

It wouldn’t be Halloween in Green Lake without the corgi costume walk. We braved the wind and rain to bring you the highlights from this year’s corgi walk. Some 200 corgis (and their owners) were in attendance, with a few corgi wannabes costumed as well. Continue reading to see the whole gallery. Happy Halloween!

Meet Fannie Mae

We found Fannie Mae being carted around the Green Lake loop in her new wagon. This adorable three-year old bulldog is not much of a walker.  

Meet Kilo

Meet Kilo, a 12-week-old Pembrooke Welsh Corgi. Kilo likes slow walks around the park and lounge time in the fall leaves. He loves not sitting still and getting his photo taken.

Meet Bandit

Bandit is an adorable mix of Lhasa Apso, Bijon Frisée and Silky Terrier. The 9 1/2 year old can often be seen trotting around Green Lake, which is one of his favorite stomping grounds.

Meet Chloe

We spotted Chloe, a Russell Terrier, hanging out with her owner on the North side of the Lake enjoying the sunshine. Okay, in unison … awh!

Dog Days of Spring with Pete

We found Pete, an adorable cocka-poo, cooling off on the beach. You may remember we saw Pete last year playing it cool in the shade on the lawn.

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