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Dogs of Green Lake

Dogs of Green Lake: Layla Snubbinz

Layla Snubbinz recently enjoyed her 3rd birthday on the Green Lake Park’s eastern dock. She celebrated by sunning herself on the dock among close friends and a few squirrels.

Dogs of Green Lake: Toby

Toby is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix. We found him on the west-side of Green Lake near the boat dock where he was excited to make friends with the Corgis R US meetup group for the first time. 

Introducing: Dogs of Green Lake

Dogs are a big part of Green Lake, like this little one, named Lola. Lola is a Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese mix. She walks the lake about once a week with her owner, Andrea. Her favorite part of the park: chasing squirrels. Have you captured a photo of a dog of Green Lake? Send it to us […]

Dog-friendly Green Lake

Photo courtesy Seattle Travels Seattle already has a rep as one of the dog-craziest towns in the country, but how does Green Lake rate? Bottom line: We may not be Ballard, where Norm’s can host your dog’s birthday bash, but Green Lake is a pretty great place to be a dog. The North end of […]

The Infamous Corgis of Green Lake

They’re short. They’re pudgy. They’re an adorable dog breed known for their stocky figure, googly eyes and a larger than life personality. And on the occasional Saturday morning you may see as many as 50 of them trotting around Green Lake. These are the infamous Green Lake corgis – or more formally – the members […]

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