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Keep Your Garden Cool When It’s Hot

Despite Seattle’s soggy reputation, any gardener here knows our summers are dry. Dry as toast. But first comes winter. In winter, winter rains flood plants. If they survive that, which many tough customers didn’t in last winter’s record pelting, then – just as the growing season gets underway, as plants send out their tender feeder […]

Jumpstart Your Garden This Spring

Photo by Erica GrivasThe first week of spring often feels like the weather missed the calendar’s memo. It’s rainy and cold again, and the ground – which ideally would look like fluffy chocolate cake, looks more like the batter. Fortunately, although the forecast may not fit our spring dreams, this time of year offers great […]

Has Green Lake Had Its Last Freeze Of The Season?

Editor’s note: With spring upon us, we asked our expert contributors Dustin Guy, a meteorologist, and Erica Grivas, our garden writer, to weigh in on kicking off the Green Lake garden season. Today is the first of the two part series about when to start planting your garden. More specifically, has Green Lake had the last […]

Dream Gardens At The Northwest Flower And Garden Show

It may be gray outside, but it’s a supernova of color inside at the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show (Feb. 22 through Sunday, Feb. 26) at the Convention Center. The show packs ideas, inspiration, and information into a dazzling display of theater.   The definitive stars are the 20 display gardens, each bursting with […]

Get Your Veggies On – Seeds vs. Starts

Just like a first kiss, timing is everything in the veggie garden. Take tomatoes – the Holy Grail of the Northwest gardener – they prefer their beds pre-warmed and toasty. Sow a seed in the ground that’s not warm enough, you might as well buy it a casket. Tomatoes wait for the soil to be […]

Winter Survival Tips for Gardeners

Seattle is a gardener’s paradise – from April through October. The other months all range from drizzle to hail and back again, staged with a gray flannel blanket backdrop.  Snow – if we had any – would offer its own design opportunities, a nice cover of warmth for plant roots, and a color other than […]

Last Chance to Plant Spring Bulbs

What you should be doing in between rain sessions: shopping for and planting spring bulbs for weeks of mood-boosting color March-May. Until the ground freezes, there’s still time to plant daffodils, tulips and other spring-flowering bulbs. And – bonus! – they’re on sale right now, so you can scoop some up for as much as […]

Another Snail in the Coffin of Your Garden

Dahlias can barely get growing. Hosta leaves are riddled with ragged holes. Dreams of magnificence chomped away while you slept. If you’ve gardened in Green Lake for more than a season, you already know the ravenous slimy, culprits: slugs and snails. Maybe you’re thinking “live and let live,” or “let nature take it’s course.” Meanwhile, […]

Our Favorite Spring Plant Sales

A neon green haze is spreading over Green Lake’s trees and miniature daisies are colonizing the grass, but that’s not all sprouting this time of year – it’s Plant Sale time!  For gardeners of all levels, it’s a critical moment – where plant nerds and bargain hunters seek new prizes to bolster their garden this […]

Garden Smarter: Combos that Pop Year-Round

If you had acreage and a staff of gardeners, you could have a lilac border, and a cherry tree allee, and a potager to indulge all your seasonal favorites. But let’s face it – most Greenlake gardens have room for a bonsaied version of one of these choices. So given your real estate and time […]

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