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Spotted at Green Lake

O Pioneers! Kids Recreate Oregon Trail Wagon Train

Green Lake and Lower Woodland Park looked oddly like a “Little House on the Prairie episode” on Friday. If you were confused by passing bonnets and tiny covered wagons, there was a simple – yet very cool – explanation. For Daniel Bagley Elementary‘s Oregon Trail unit, three blended grades 3/4/5 Montessori classes took on characters […]

Gary the Green Lake Grinder

You’ve probably heard him. He’s been coming to the lake for years and sharing his music from an unusual looking cart. What is this called? “It’s a crank organ,” said Gary Harding, aka the Green Lake Grinder. “Just don’t call it a hurdy gurdy machine. Those hurdy gurdy guys get fussy about that.” Gary can […]

The Shed Boys

Reader Kimberly emailed us about what appeared to be an impromptu Green Lake performance last week by a bluegrass band called the The Shed Boys. She wanted to know more about these performers and asked us to check it out. So here’s the scoop: The Shed Boys are a local bluegrass band who have performed […]